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Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program with Results, Not Empty Promises!

If You Answered Yes to Any of These Questions, Then Please Read Further!

Then Here are 4 Reasons Why You Need Us!

  1. Our program is non surgical!
  2. You can eat what you want!
  3. You can dine out in your favorite restaurants!
  4. Once a week you can have one meal, eating as much as you want, whatever you want!

Question: I need to lose weight but the recent reports about some diet drugs have scared me. I am afraid of being overweight for the rest of my life. I want to have more energy and a better life. Is there an absolutely safe way for me to lose these unwanted and unhealthy pounds?

Answer: The truth is, there is no single program in this world that is “absolutely safe” for everyone. Every individual is different, and your requirements for weight management are unique. Dr. Cherkassky has designed a new weight loss method using FDA approved appetite suppressants and Sensotherapy. Sensotherapy, being itself modified food, has virtually no side effects and the program is tailored specifically to you.

We will learn about you and your eating habits. We will educate you about hunger, habits and health. We will help you to get rid of your cravings — for good!

In our weight loss program, we combine traditional methods with a new process developed over the years called Sensotherapy. Sensotherapy is a unique new method which effectively controls your appetite by modifying your taste. Our program is individually structured to your eating habits.

There is no artificial food to buy and you can still eat at your favorite restaurants. The difference is you will want to change your eating habits. What is even more important is that Sensotherapy is most effective during the maintenance period.

As you well know the most difficult moment in every weight loss program comes when medication or artificial foods should be discontinued. This usually comes between 4 – 8 months and then people regain their weight. Sensotherapy helps you maintain your weight loss. It has virtually no side effects and can be continued for as long as you wish.

Dr. Capili will assist you with a medically supervised weight loss program customized to meet your needs. His staff is also trained to assist with underlying emotional problems, including stress and fatigue that sometimes accompany weight loss. Sensotherapy conditions your sense of taste by gradually reducing your appetite over a period of time.

You begin to acquire more interest in fruits and vegetables than in fried or greasy foods, and this comes naturally, without any particular effort or sacrifice.

Please Contact Us! Ask as Many Questions As You Want. We Want to Change you’re Life for the Better, FOR GOOD! (817) 481-5365

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